Elysium Capital


Monthly Performance

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
2024 4.20 -3.00 1.07
2023 2.92 1.83 4.83 -1.37 4.52 0.92 0.62 3.16 3.85 8.73 6.81 4.06 48.90
2022 -0.94 10.72 6.42 -1.05 15.50

Strategy Description

Chrona performs exceptionally well, with a winning trade quota (WTQ) that exceeds 75%. This high WTQ preserves a strong WTQ of 75-84% and a Calmar ratio over 10, providing flexibility for risk mitigation through early trade withdrawals.

The approach uses sophisticated technical analysis techniques to identify new patterns in the market, such as divergences, unnoticed correlations, and complex structures. Fibonacci retracements, Elliot Wave patterns, and volume-based analytics are examples of complex indicators that can identify macro and micro trading opportunities utilised by Chrona, that other funds may frequently overlook.

With Chrona's dynamic risk management, capital exposure can be protected during market volatility by adjusting portfolio exposure in real-time depending on changing risk parameters and market conditions.

The investment approach is very diverse, including a range of indexes, currencies, and stocks. The best allocation and responsive rebalancing are guaranteed by automated portfolio balancing.

Monthly Returns


Last Month -3.00%
3 Month ROR 5.18%
Year To Date 1.07%
12 Months ROR 43.60%
Total Return Annualized 44.57%
Total Return Cumulative 73.82%
Winning Months (%) 77.78%
Losing Months (%) 22.22%
Average Winning Month 4.54%
Average Losing Month -1.59%

Performance (VAMI)

General Information

Minimum Investment2,000 GBP
Notional Funding
Management Fee -
Performance Fee30.00%
CompanyElysium Capital
E-mail[email protected]
Trading involves a high level of capital risk and is not suited for all investors. Please ensure that you completely understand the dangers and do not put more money at risk than you are ready to lose. Elysium Capital does not accept clients who do not fully comprehend the risks associated with trading. If necessary, please seek independent counsel.