January 2024


Strategy Description

eToro's DividendGrowth Smart Portfolio allocates in stocks of high-quality, dividend-paying companies that have paid increasing dividends for at least 20 consecutive years.

Performance Comparison

Monthly Returns


1M 3M 6M YTD 1 Yr Since Inception
DividendGrowth -0.72% 10.38% -0.53% -0.72% 0.02% 21.77%
S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats Net Total Return Index -2.01% 13.67% 1.94% -2.01% 0.55% 2.26%

General Information

Minimum Investment500
Portfolio CompositionStocks
Dividend Yield0.0268
Management Fee0.00%
Data as of31/Jan/23
Website LinkDividendGrowth


Total Return Annualized 5.05%
Sharpe Ratio 0.38
Sortino Ratio 0.46
Winning Months (%) 56.25%
Correlation vs. S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats Net Total Return Index 0.82

Notable Holdings

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd3.71%
Johnson & Johnson3.36%
Analog Devices Inc2.95%

Portfolio Breakdown

Geographical Exposure

Who should invest in


Who should invest in DividendGrowth?

Those seeking exposure to high-quality dividend growth stocks. Through this Smart Portfolio, investors can gain access to a broad range of dividend-paying companies – all of which have exceptional long-term dividend growth track records.
Why invest in


Why invest in DividendGrowth?

Dividend investing is a powerful investment strategy that can potentially provide investors with two sources of return: regular cash dividends and capital gains. Yet not all dividend stocks are created equal. Studies have shown that companies that consistently increase their dividends tend to generate the strongest overall returns over time.

Why Smart Portfolios?

eToro's Smart Portfolios lets investors allocate their capital across a broad range of themes that either disrupt the industry in which they operate, or allows them to invest in traditional investment themes. The mix of available portfolios caters to various risk appetites as well as offers exposre to some of the trendiest topics being discussed in financial markets today.


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