February 2024

Brookestone Capital


Strategy Description

The system reads price action with the assistance of several primary indicators, detects trading signals, identifies appropriate price levels and then executes the trade order once the system has correctly met each trading parameter. Trades are executed when all trading parameters built within the systems strategy are met. Beta trades a basket of gold correlated currencies (AUD/NZD/CAD).  The cross correlation mutes volatility providing a risk adjusted approach to market with a genuine edge.  The strategy applies a max leverage of 1:50

Performance (VAMI)

Fund Manager

Brookestone Capital has over four decades of cumulative experience in the financial markets.  The team has invested in, managed and allocated in excess of $20M to day trading strategies.  They adopt an alpha focus with active risk management complimented by algorythmic application.

Performance Statistics

3 Month ROR
Year To Date
Total Return Cumulative
Winning Months (%)

General Information

CompanyBrookestone Capital
Inception DateJun 2018
Minimum Investment10,000 USD
Management Fee -
Performance Fee30.00%
Highwater MarkYes

Monthly Performance

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
2024 1.90 0.90 2.82
2023 1.23A 3.04 1.82 2.18 2.63 1.78 1.95 2.39 1.62 1.75 1.55 2.01 26.75A
2022 3.04A 4.46A 1.12A 3.54A 6.44A 4.08A 6.70A 5.28A 4.60A 2.29A 3.00A 2.71A 58.74A
2021 11.57A 8.41A 13.07A 10.50A 5.48A 6.29A 6.27A 5.32A 4.94A 3.58A 4.71A 1.79A 119.70A
2020 5.57A 6.50A 25.05A 13.66A 9.16A 16.39A 11.59A 6.36A 10.44A 7.74A 10.34A 12.71A 256.59A
2019 5.43A 13.15A 9.62A 7.42A 4.96A 6.26A 5.13A 14.38A 11.69A 6.73A 6.52A 7.42A 156.97A
2018 10.83A 12.38A 9.84A 6.89A 8.67A 12.29A 8.47A 93.55A

Monthly Returns

Risk/Return Comparison

Volatility (12 Months Rolling)


Last Month 0.90%
Winning Months (%) 100.00%
Average Winning Month 6.66%
Max Drawdown (Monthly) 0.00%


Sharpe Ratio 5.14
Sortino Ratio 0.00
Standard Deviation Annualized 15.54%
Brookestone Capital is a strategy provider to London and Eastern LLP, with UK company number OC345870, authorised and regulated by FCA with FRN 534484. Pelican AM is a trading name of London & Eastern LLP, whose office address is: c/o Pelican Exchange Ltd, 8 Hermitage St, London W2 1BE. Brookestone Capital is a trading name of Brookestone Capital Proprietary Systems with UK company number 14756880. The investment services and products described are directed to “Professional” and “Retail” clients only, as defined by the FCA. If you are in any doubt as to your client classification you should seek independent advice. The information provided should not be considered a recommendation or solicitation to purchase.

RISK WARNING: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. All stats are based on trading performance of a 12 month period. Fund performance fees have not been included in the returns of the fund.