Global Aggressive ETF Portfolio

June 2024
Fact Sheet

Investment Objective

The objective is to maximise long-term returns for this risk strategy, achieving a minimum of CPI + 4.5% over a 3 year rolling basis. Optimal asset allocation is determined using sophisticated loss aversion statistical modelling.

Investment Approach

The portfolio is directed to achieve its investment objective by formulate hybrid allocation strategy. We carefully analyse macro-economic data through a top-down approach in order to determine the ideal weights between different asset classes. We then follow a bottom up approach by combining a specialized filtering and fundamental analysis technique of all the companies in our investment universe.  

Asset Class Allocation

Sector Allocation

Regional Allocation

Portfolio Information

Portfolio Manager:Sasfin Wealth Investment Platform
Launch Date:01/10/2022
Regulation 28:No
Return Objective:US CPI +4.5%
Fund Benchmark:S&P Target Risk Growth Index
Minimum Investment Amount:5,000 USD

Investment Growth


1 Month 3 Months YTD 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Inception
Global Aggressive ETF Portfolio 0.9% 1.8% 7.5% 14.7% - - 19.1%
S&P Target Risk Growth Index 1.3% 1.6% 6.4% 12.4% - - 16.7%


Investment Management: 0.70%
Brokerage: 0.35%
Total: 1.05%
*excluding VAT.

Risk Profile

  Low Low-Mod Mod Mod-High High
  1-3 years 3+ years 3-5 years 5+ years 7+ years
  • This portfolio has a high exposure to equities and therefore tends to be more volatile than most other portfolios.
  • Expected potential long-term returns are high, but the risk of potential capital losses is high as well, especially over shorter periods.
  • Where the asset allocation contained in this fact sheet reflects offshore exposure, the portfolio is exposed to currency risk.
  • Therefore, it is suitable for long-term investment horizon.



Monthly Returns

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
2024 -0.4 3.0 2.9 -3.0 4.1 0.9 7.5
2023 6.5 -3.2 2.3 1.3 -1.7 4.5 3.1 -2.6 -3.8 -2.7 8.3 4.8 17.0
2022 4.5 7.2 -3.7 7.9

Risk Measures

Global Aggressive ETF PortfolioS&P Target Risk Growth Index
Max Drawdown (Monthly) -8.8% -7.5%
Best Month 8.3% 7.0%
Worst Month -3.8% -3.5%
Gain/Loss Ratio 2.5 2.6
Value at Risk -3.7 -3.4

Note: All risk measures shown are annualized

Information & Disclosures

Alpha - Excess return over benchmark.
Beta - Systematic measure of sensitivity risk with respect to a given benchmark.
Fees - The fees are based on the most recent historical total expense ratios and transaction costs on the underlying holdings within the portfolio. It is assumed that the holdings of the portfolios and their related cost will remain unchanged but will be updated on a quarterly basis. 
Max Drawdown - Measures largest peak-to-trough decline before a new peak is achieved.
Sharpe Ratio - Calculated by dividing a fund's excess returns over the risk-free rate by its standard deviation. The higher the Sharpe ratio, the better the fund's historical risk-adjusted performance.
Standard deviation - A statistical measurement of dispersion about an average. The higher the standard deviation, the wider the range, implyng greater volatility.
Sortino Ratio - A variation of the Sharpe ratio. Differentiates harmful volatility by using downside deviation, measuring the return to volatility caused by negative returns.
Value at Risk (VaR) - is a statistical measure of the risk of loss for investments. The potential loss in value of a traded portfolio over a defined period of time for a given confidence level. 

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